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Are you concerned about the future? Will you have a job next week? Will the new president inspire a new generation and renew the American dream of what is possible? Millions of people around the world wake up each, drag themselves out of bed, get changed and drive to their JOBS. Wow, doesn’t that sound like fun for the next 25 plus years? You see, your life is the result of the choices you made in the past up to the point of reading this article. Discover how to make money with your own home based business.

It all starts by researching on how to make money using common sense. Oh, maybe you thought it was more complicated than that. Not really and here’s why. You know when you read something that something in the pit of your stomach is telling you this just doesn’t sound right, then listen to it. Because chances are your right. I get pitched everyday by dozens of people telling me how I can make 10k a month with little or no effort at all. It simply doesn’t work that way.

Evaluating a home business is critical to your long term success and financial independence. Here are some specific ways to evaluate whether or not a business opportunity is right for you on how to make money.

What are the products or services that the company offers? Would you buy it as a customer or just as a business affiliate? Is the product or service priced right and if not, why not? Does the product or service have wide market appeal or is it targeted towards a niche demographic group of society.

Second, what about viability of the company itself? Ask yourself questions like, how long have they been in business? Are they privately owned or have they gone public. Is the company financially structured in a way that will allow them to stay in business for the long term or are they the type that are leveraged to the hill? This is very crucial area and you really need to do some digging on the company and simply not let some super star network marketer convince you to get started right away without any due diligence. It is not good business sense no matter what they tell you.

Recently, one of the longest running MLM companies that have been around called Matol was sold to another company called Univera. Based on information, it would appear that the company no longer was growing in overall growth and the company was faced with some difficult decisions. As it turned out, another company bought them out. Is that a bad thing? Perhaps not because at least the viability of Matol is possible more so with this other company buying them out. The point is you need to do your home work and check out in detail the company that you are thinking about getting involved with prior to signing on the dotted line. We are talking about your future – right?

Third, what kind of training is available and support systems in place to help you be successful and actually show you how to make money with their company? What is the companies back end of their websites like in providing up to date and state of the art training? Do you have to pay extra for the training or does the company actually have daily, weekly or monthy trainings avaiable? Many people may gloss over those questions above, but I think they are critical for your long term success and the success of your team. You need a mechanism in place that will allow your entire organizatio to plug into.

Fourth, do you have a mentor or coach in mind that will literally take you by the hand and give you one on one mentoring? If you don’t have one, then walk away – period. I have been involved in a few home based businesses of the past where I didn’t have direct access to a coach or mentor. I have also been blessed by having a few really good coaches and mentors to give me wise counsel. Learning how to make money is a journey. There are no quick fixes, but a good coach or mentor will shave off years of the road to hard knocks.

Fifth and probably one of the most important parts as to whether or not I will even look at a company. Do they allow you to market on the internet? If they do not, then you will need to re-consider no matter how good the home based business might seem. How will you build your business and the rest of your organization? Gone are the days of archaic ways to build a business with the face to face meetings or going to hotel meetings to impress someone to join your group. I don’t always want to talk to family and friends about how to make money or my greatest product that will make you feel better. I want to utilize creative ways to gain access to a large amount of people.

If you have ever been burned in a home based business and are tired of hearing about how easy it was for someone to make 10K a month in only 3 months, then take a look at the new business paradigm. Here you will discover the no nonsense approach to building a long term and viable business. We show you how to make money and build your business within a team environment without all the crap and false promises.

Have you heard about the new business paradigm of the co-operative model of being able to buy customers directly from a company? Probably not, but yes, real paying customers that the company has acquired and we can purchase the life time rights to future purchases of those customers. If you are tired of jumping from deal to deal and being an MLM junkie, then take a look at what makes our team different.

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