How to Make Money With How To Reports

As more and more people go online, they are also looking for quality information. A real moneymaker in the mail order business is a basic “How To” report. It is something anyone can produce with a little research. The basic “How To report” is usually two pages long, outlines instructions, details or a how to method for solving a problem, to make money or teaching some other need such as fulfilling a desire. Many consultants have gone this route and are developing a niche market.

My advice is try and stick with your area of expertise. Sure, anyone can write a saleable report on any subject as long as they are knowledgeable whether through personal experience, research or both. Women usually write these reports on solving household problems while men write about pleasure activities such as fishing, golfing, woodworking, boating etc. The list of subjects to write about is endless and there is no limit to how to make money with various topics. Topics are not gender specific to write about, men are likely to write about cooking as women about how to tile the bathroom floor. With access to the internet, there is unlimited opportunity.

When developing your report, the best advice on how to write one of these reports is to write in a conversational tone. Write at an eight grade level or less. Do not use fancy metaphors and jargon, unless of course the information is for a specific group like engineers. The goal here is to Make Money from your report. If you do not provide quality as well as understandability, chances are you will get more than the usual amount of persons requesting a refund.

When doing business by mail these “How To” reports are called many names such as pamphlets, guides or booklets. They are designed to give the reader more information on the topic of choice but not as detailed and complete as writing a book on the subject. “How To” Reports are to show people how to start, enjoy, expand or develop a hobby, Make Money, a new business, a career move, understand finances and just straight answers to life’s perplexing problems.

I know that there are many places like Ezine articles or idea marketers that are constantly advertising for people that can write articles. If you can pull off a report that gives great insights to the right market, you will make money. If you are a victim of “junk mail” (and who isn’t, even the dead – I have come to realize have been targeted) you may have seen solicitations for these “How To” Reports or perhaps requested one yourself. They are cheap – usually around $3 – $5 and are mass-produced. Do it right and these cheap reports will make money for you.

One final point about writing informational reports. In case this point was amiss from what I have written so far. Not because these reports are generally short 2- 5 pages back and front and not because they are cheap, $3 – $5 does not mean you can write garbage and sell to people to make money. If it is your goal to be a scammer and possibly make the list of America’s Most Wanted then I guess you are going to do, what you are going to do. But, if it is the goal to build a reputable mail order business, then write quality reports and make money-providing information and insights that people need.

It is all about providing quality and serving your customers. In time, if people like your information, they will absolutely refer other customers to your website. Success is something that you need to make happen, not wait for it to happen. There are no quick fixes and you should view this as a long term plan to make money.

Tania Chin, SOHO Business Owner

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